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“Citiblocs are one of those wonderful open-ended toys that invites creativity.”
“Our testers loved both that Citiblocs were green and so engaging.”
“Citiblocs can be anything your child can imagine—it doesn’t get much better than that!”

Stephanie Oppenheim
Co-founder of

I have a friend who works in the toys department for Amazon, and she asked me the other day if I'd ever heard of Citiblocs. I said yes and we talked about my thoughts. She said that one of her other friends told her that her son's Citiblocs were the last toy that he quit playing with when he was 14 or 15. I'm sure that the folks at Citiblocs already know how lasting their toys are, but I did want to share anyway.


CitiBlocs are wonderful open-ended toys that invite creativity. Our testers loved that CitiBlocs were both green and engaging and it’s fun to see how many variations you can make.

Stephanie Oppenheim
co-founder of

WOW! Finally blocks that are rugged, inventive and easy to store. It is so hard in the early childhood field to find products, especially blocks that are creative and take up little room. My children have enough blocks to actually build what they want and are able to manage the whole box by themselves.

CitiBlocs are the perfect way to get Big Guys and Little Guys (or Gals) together for a block party of build ‘em up and knock ‘em down fun

Father's Day Great Dad Recommends and Mr. Dad Seal of Approval

Whether building intricate structures or toppling them Godzilla-style, CitiBlocs are perfect for the job because they’re made with precision-cut, high-quality materials to ensure they only topple when intended.

Tilliwig Toy Award

I just wanted to say thank you. I just came back from Millennium Park with my camp and my camp had the most wonderful time ever! I have never seen my children so interested and busy for so long. They built the most creative things ever! We had to pry them away from your blocks. All ages were interested! They all said it was the best Field trip ever! Thank you again. Addison Park District Kids Camp thinks your blocks are amazing. You are building imaginations in our youth!

Tammie Usherwood

With all the building toys in my three-kid household, I find it amusing that their new favorite is a box of same-sized, non-painted, rectangular pieces of wood from CitiBlocs.

Cool Mom Picks

I am so excited to have help on getting started with this Citiblocs building club. Our school district has 3 middle schools and we are part of Contra Costa County. I am assuming that the club will begin with 30-50 kids. I plan to teach them building techniques and how it relates to science math. I would also like to organize a family night with Citiblocs. Eventually I foresee a middle school challenge w/in the district, then perhaps more after that.

J. Norris

You can almost hear all the other blocks protesting, "But I'm colorful!", "I snap together!", "I come in 65 different shapes!". No matter. CitiBlocs wooden block sets may be plain and simple, but to paraphrase Dr. Seuss, oh the things they can do.

Cool Mom Picks

This is the kind of building set that I have to tell my hubs to STOP playing with and give the kids a chance!

Mom Most Travelled

CitiBlocs is the next generation of wooden construction pieces.

Toys and Family Entertainment

Citiblocs give us something else that we can do as a family. Not only will we be having fun, but we'll also be helping Evan improve many valuable skills.

Two of a Kind Working on Full House