Citiblocs for Schools

citiblocs_school1.jpgCitiblocs are suitable for young children (ages 3+) who can easily pick up and stack these light weigh blocks – stimulating fine (small) motor skills to pick up, and gross (large) motor skills to move about.

Older children will build with more developed motor skills and their  block play will  become more detailed and require precise movements with plenty of control. 

Citiblocs are great for boys and girls and for a broad age range – there’s always a beginning and a challenge with these unique blocks. 

Citiblocs is about creativity and like all block play, it’s also about maths and sciences –from size and shape to weight and leverage and balance. As the complexity increases, so does the concentration level.   Gravity and  balance require problem solving.  Making plans and making those plans concrete are all a part of Citiblocs play and success. 

Education through observation

With Citiblocs – you can plan a house or a street or a city – by yourself or with multiple builders who can be working on the same project.   The builders can work together fostering cooperative play and promoting discussion and observation, decision making and conflict resolution and other forms of social interaction.   It’s easy to talk construction – to observe, describe and compare. It’s all hands on experience, enhancing awareness of texture and sound and touch and enabling kids to speak a common construction language for engaging on a real building adventure.   Kids will explore with the finest building blocks EVER !

A hands-on approach to creativity

Creating a vision , creating the solution, and executing the plan.  Enjoy the pride and satisfaction of success and a job well done -- these are the attributes of CITIBLOCS.  CITIBLOCS celebrate and respect the individuality and talents of each and every builder.  CITIBLOCS are ideal for a diversified classroom, ideal for learning centers,  ideal for differentiated age groups, for camps, day care and children’s play groups of all kinds.  Ideal for kids with learning differences.  Every building is a sign of success.

With CITIBLOCS – kids learn while they build – sequencing and science – numeracy and hand to eye movement – problem solving and teamwork  - concentration and creation.   There are limitless possibilities to discover and design – limitless opportunities to begin anew without worrying about a missing piece or complicated instructions.    Watch the blocks come tumbling down and no big mess to clear up until the next occasion to build.  Powerful learning value – it’s multidisciplinary – it’s learning all the time.

CITIBLOCS also offers a 1000 pc set of natural blocks. This set is GREAT for educational purposes and groups of children in kindergarten classes, pre-schools or day-care and primary school.  1000 pieces allows a whole classroom of children – and even several classrooms -  to build a city or landscape.  Kids can build together,all working on their own “neighborhood.”   

citiblocs_tick.pngCitiBlocs is educational!

citiblocs_tick.pngTeamwork, Cooperative Learning, Inclusion, Interacting
Social Skills , Leadership, Self Esteem,
Problem Solving, Critical Thinking

citiblocs_tick.pngIndividual  Skills, A Personal Project
Attention, Focus, Concentration, Understanding & Logic
Planning, Explanation, Application, Demonstration
Visualizing, Identifying, Learning by Design,
Creating a Vision – Executing a plan - Building Self Esteem

citiblocs_tick.pngLEARNING  -   Patterns, Symmetry, Geometry, Mathematics,
Design. Architecture, History, Science and Art

citiblocs_tick.pngProblem Based Learning - Problem Solving - How to build a cantilever bridge

citiblocs_tick.pngOccupational Motor Skills, Hands on Experience, Physical Development
Planning, Visualizing, Inventing, Forming Identity,
Physical Rules and Techniques 

citiblocs_tick.pngHand to Eye Movement,  Body Skills (not to break - how to  balance )
Balance, Alignment,

citiblocs_tick.pngDifferentiated Learning, Multidisciplinary Learning, Making Sense
Following Instructions, Understanding (without words !)

citiblocs_tick.pngCreative, Imaginative, Innovative, Artistic & Inventive
Learning by Design and by Self Expression

citiblocs_tick.pngIndoor / Outdoor Group Activity

Lesson Plans & Building Ideas to Download

We are pleased to post a variety of Building Ideas and Lesson Plans and will gladly upload your ideas if you give us your permission.  Click below for some of our ideas for group activity and for individual play.


Download the CitiBlocs
Education Manual with Lesson Plans :


Download the Citiblocs
Building Ideas & Instructions :



Building with Citiblocs inherently incorporates math, science and art- making them the perfect activity for museums of all kinds.

We have a variety of museum packages available to fit any space, theme or budget. Citiblocs are an exciting interactive hands-on activity that will keep guests coming back for more. Please contact us for further information.

Try a CitiBlocs challenge or fund-raiser at your school or in your community!

• Look for a variety of  activities soon on 

With your permission, we’ll upload your building ideas for all to see.  

• Build a Dragon with longest tail or longest train track
• Build a Great wall of Citiblocs
• Tell us your idea for a building contest and win more Citiblocs !

What Children Learn Through Block Play

Please download this incredible research about the skills and benefits that children acquire through block play.

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"What Children Learn Through Block Play"



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