50 piece wooden building block set. A classic toy that never goes out of style. No magnets or connectors - just simple stacking that develops motor skills and creativity. Building guide included. 

CITIBLOCS are made of light weight pine handy for all ages and for creative construction. 

CITIBLOCS for family play and for the classroom ! 

CITIBLOCS are all the same SIZE and SHAPE which enables Building without Borders ! 

Build Cities and Towers as well as Trains and Trucks and Creatures and Cars!
Build Anything with CITIBLOCS 

Gravity + Imagination + CITIBLOCS = Imaginative and Creative Fun! 

No glue - No snaps - No Small Parts - Its all about Dexterity and Focus and Innovation. 

Kids can exercise a wide variety of skills with unique CITIBLOCS - math and measure, science and design, problem solving and physics ! Build alone or in groups! 

From pre-school to elementary school to architecture students to corporate seminars, CITIBLOCS are an ideal educational toy for home, playgroups, teachers, principals, professors and parents. Reasoning, problem solving, cause and effect, engineering and improvising are all part of the building block experience. CITIBLOCS are suitable for all kinds of kids with all kinds of strengths and interests, facilitating social interaction as well as individual progress and play. 

The pleasure of accomplishment and success and discovery is inherent in CITIBLOC construction for builders of all ages-- build outside the box....enhance skill and awareness and understanding. It's all connected to the joy of creating all the time. AND It's just plain building fun.