TOP SELLER- 200 piece wooden building block set in COOL colors. Featuring 5 different vibrant colors to add a little pizazz to building fun. Colors include: blue, turquoise, light green, dark green and natural (40 blocks of each color). No magnets or connectors - just simple stacking that develops motor skills and creativity. Building guide included. 

The CITIBLOCS 200 is a fine gift for family and friends and a super starter for the classroom.  Cornerstones are laid with a single block and grown in to neighborhoods and fantasy and fun. Kids never tire of the building fun that they enjoy with these unique SAFE blocks made of New Zealand Radiata Pine.   Spend hours building and learning and observing and designing and creating before you are ready to bring them down with a crash.   No glue or smart parts, with Citiblocs, tidy up time is stressless and you don't have to worry about loose pieces or stray parts.

Try this set for beginners and advanced builders.  It's addictive and it's smart.   The play value and learning value of these great blocks will keep kids building for ages...literally.  It's already a CLASSIC construction toy.