TOP SELLER- 100 piece wooden building block set. A classic toy that never goes out of style. No magnets or connectors - just simple stacking that develops motor skills and creativity. Building guide included. 

CitiBlocs are a unique wooden building toy made of New Zealand pine . These small rectangular blocks measure 1" x 4 1/2" x 1/4"

Kids (and their parents) can enter a creative world of building, fantasy and fun. The possibilities are infinite.  With 100 pieces you can build boats and cars and towers and bridges - both tall and wide.   Add colors to our 100 blocks for exotic birds and futuristic designs and buildings.

Build outside the box with CitiBlocs, enhancing awareness, vision and skill - engaging hands on experience, concentration and understanding. Introduce builders to the world of are and design, science and expression, mathematics and history - the joy of creating and learning all the time. CitiBlocs: the finest building blocks in the world!
The essential building and learning toy.

Build a 100 piece Citiblocs Pagoda