February 15, 2010


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Citiblocs are Hot, Cool and Natural

For 2010, Citiblocs is making its simple, precision-cut wooden planks sets available in a wider variety of colors. The new skyline packaged sets will be available in three different color variations: Hot, Cool and Natural. The Hot Colors Sets includes Red, Yellow, Orange, Pink and Natural colored planks. The Cool Colors Set includes Blue, Green, Turquoise, Dark Green and natural color planks. Citiblocs' cornerstone product, the natural planks, will also be available in a Natural set with the new skyline packaging. This new packaging line was designed to underline the simplicity and classic modern style of Citiblocs. The Hot and Cool Colors Sets are available in 50, 100 and 200 pieces, while the Natrual Set is available in all of these as well as in 150- and 300- piece sets.

An additional packaging style for the natural wooden plank sets is being introduced for 2010. An 'Under Construction' box theme was designed to have a general audience look for major mass retailers.

All Citiblocs sets, whether colored or not, are made from sustainably harvested, precision-cut pine. For its colored planks, Citiblocs uses certified waterbased stains, which the pine naturally absorbs. The water-based stains give the planks vibrant color, and each stain color is tested and verified to be lead-free. Citiblocs keeps packaging purposefully minimal to reduce use of natural resources.

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