August 12, 2009


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CitiBlocs, The Possibilities Are Endless

Well it is no secret I love all things green so when I had the opportunity to review CitiBlocs I JUMPED at the opportunity!

When they arrived my boys ripped open the box and stared playing with them right away. They have not stopped! These block are so cool and unique yet so simple at the same time. They are all cut to the same size requiring no glue and the best thing of all they do not click together, they use gravity and balance.

From their web site:
CitiBlocs are High Quality Building Blocks unlike any other! Crafted from Grade A New Zealand Radiata Pine, each block is engineered and precision cut for new generations of building fun from age old proportions. Citiblocs distinctive design enables Building without Borders – no complicated instructions and no missing pieces. Guaranteed success and pleasure for creative construction, innovation and design.

Building with Citiblocs is all about making connections. Connections to ourselves and to the world around us. It is about learning naturally. With Citiblocs children can create the fantastic worlds from their imaginations or from the environment that surrounds them. They can discover the principles of math and science that allows bridges to span great distances and super-towers to reach the sky. Children can create fun-filled games and works of art that are limited only by their imagination...with Citiblocs the possibilities are endless...

Here are some of the boys creations..

CitiBlocs provide hours of boys have even used them with their other toys, the most popular being Matchbox cars. I can guarantee that Santa will be leaving more CitiBlocs under the tree this year.

Here are some more cool things you can build with CitiBlocs:

The possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

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