November 30, 2009


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Good Housekeeping’s Best Toys of 2009

Good Housekeeping's Best Toys of 2009

No wonder trying to find that perfect toy can have you saying, "bah, humbug." but thanks to Good Housekeeping Research Institute's Best Toys of 2009, you won't have to check that shopping list twice.

Choosing the right toy can be a real challenge. It can be very overwhelming when you go into a toy store and there are thousands or hundreds of toys to choose from. A really good toy will provide hours of fun, will be well constructed and safe, and will also trigger some interest in a child, spark some curiosity.

There's a lot of potential for opening up worlds for a child in their playtime. This is Good Housekeeping's Second Annual Toy Awards, and what we want to do is highlight those best toys for children. We look at hundreds of toys and then invite the children to come in and evaluate and test and play with, get on the floor, get dirty, have fun, and let them tell us which toys are really fun for them. We actually have the kids fill out a little questionnaire, so they rate each toy. And of course we have a lot of adults who work here also observing how the children are playing with the toys. And we can see which ones they're going back to over and over again. We look for toys that are musical, toys that are artistic, toys that involve building, toys that involve imagination.

One of our winners is Citiblocs. Blocks have been around a long time. This is an

innovation. It's a newfangled take on a very classic toy. These blocks are really cool, and I wanted to make something. And it's really challenging.


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