November 25, 2009


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Citiblocs, A Green Product


Little Rock Family readers are a loyal crew. To show our appreciation, we're giving away a toy a day from Dec. 2 until Dec. 18.

Editor Jennifer Pyron recently visited with Moms Like Me's Monika Rued about some of the toys we'll be giving away. Click below to watch the segment. It will put you in the Christmas spirit!


"Trying to find the perfect educational gift that balances educational and fun can be a challenge. Joining me with some ideas is Jennifer Pyron from Little Rock Family."

"This is CitiBlocs, which is a green product."

"Yes, it's a green product. If you're worried about all of the paint and lacquer, this doesn't have any of that. It's certified, and I think it's won something like 14 awards. This is a good basic building set, your starter kit. You can add onto it, but what kid doesn't love good building blocks?"


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