December 8, 2009


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Best toys for your buck

"If you're looking to be economical with your

Christmas gifts this year, you've come to the right

place. Joining us this morning with some great

suggestions is the NAPPA Manager, Barbara

Smith Decker. First of all, tell us how you came

about with this list, the criteria involved."


"We do have seven expert judges, and they also

involve children judges. We feel really confident that

all are very engaging to kids. When you think about

the best bang for your buck, it's not just about money;

it's about play value and the longevity of the toy."


"We have CitiBlocs, which is a very reasonable set.

All these rectangles, about 100 for $25. You can

build almost anything with them."


"Your imagination is about your only limitation there."

"Exactly. It's just a blast. About $25."

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