October 25, 2009


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Non-toxic building fun with CitiBlocs

CitiBlocs are super fun and have many eco-pros PLUS are so affordable.

Seriously, any family can afford a set, which is nice since so many ecotoys

are costly.


Finding non-plastic eco-friendly building toys that meet my son's crazy

high building standards is difficult. He loves Legos and K'nex but I don't

love the plastic issues. CitiBlocs solves this issue. CitiBlocs are

precision-cut wooden building blocks that are lightweight and since

they're all identical in size and shape they require super thinking to build

with. They also do not require glue, snaps, or connectors. Instead

designs work based on gravity, balance, and imagination.

Eco-Design: Citiblocs are made of Grade A New Zealand

Radiata Pine and are certified 100% non-toxic, complying

with ASTM F963-03 and CPSIA as well as European

Standards for Safety. CitiBlocs are untreated and are stained

with water-based colors. They come in natural wood color or

red and blue.

Educational Pros: CitiBlocs really make you think. The

quality and stability of your design relies on your child's

ability to figure out how to stack, form and balance these

blocks into a particular shape. CitiBlocs can even be used as

an advanced educational tool - you can download the FREE

Citiblocs Education Guide (pdf).

CitiBlocs are real fun for the whole family. They're supposed to be for ages 3 years+ and Cedar loved them.

He made all sorts of cool structures - towers, trucks, a basket with a handle, a solar powered library and

more. I liked them too which was a perk since adults usually end up playing with their kids toys with their


One of the best things about CitiBlocs is that this is a green toy option that every family can afford. A starter

set of 52 planks starts at just $15.

Cedar got frustrated a few times because CitiBlocs can be sort of hard to build with. He'd think of a design

and it wouldn't work out as planned. I suggest that parents spend some time building with their kids and you

can discuss design and shapes and so on.


My son and me would highly suggest this toy as a gift. After getting them, Cedar wanted to save up his own

money for a larger set, which to me says "Great toy!"


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