December 4, 2009


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Green Products: From Fatherhood to Wooden Blocks

5 Green Products: From Fatherhood to Wooden Blocks

We've been getting a lot of wonderful feed back from the comments on our Green Toy

Giveaway: Classic Wooden Rocking Boat and Stairs by Natural Pod. Many readers have

shared they like to learn about eco-friendly products, such as natural cleaning products

and toys. Honest, authentic product reviews have always been part of Eco Child's Play;

however, my own personal interests lie with reporting newsworthy information about

how changes in our environment affect our kids and what we can do to mitigate it.

I don't want product reviews to dominate Eco Child's Play, nor do I want them to appear

as advertisements. Thus, I've decided to do a weekly series featuring five product

reviews. Each review will be based on the manufacturers green claims, my own family's

experiences, and ultimately whether or not I would purchase this product with my own

money. I am quite frugal, so this will be hard recommendation to earn, as you will see

from the reviews below.

Given the FTC's new guidelines on product reviews, I will be sure to disclose any product

sample that was given to my family. Sometimes I will review products purchased

personally or gifts. Please be assured that I will never promise to write a positive review

in exchange for a product. Although I don't like to be negative, if a product is

greenwashing or simply worthless in my opinion, I will let you know as I always have

from the inception of Eco Child's Play.

5 Green Product Reviews

2. CitiBlocs

These plank style blocks have won many awards. They are made from New

Zealand pine in Vietnam, although I am not sure how sustainably it is harvested.

My children have always loved blocks, as they promote open-ended play.

CitiBlocs remind me of Kapla blocks and Hape's Contina

bamboo colored blocks.

Building with Citiblocs is all about making connections.

Connections to ourselves and to the world around us. It is

about learning naturally. With Citiblocs children can

create the fantastic worlds from their imaginations or

from the environment that surrounds them.

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