September 27, 2009


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Citiblocs-20 Best Construction Toys for Kids

It is powerful when you recognize the importance that construction toys can have for children. It's not just play time, although it's fun as well as instructive. It is essential to your child's basic educational foundation to take advantage of the wonderful learning opportunities you can seize by introducing kids to the skills needed to complete a construction set.

Citiblocs: These original wooden building blocks arrive with 500 pieces of constructionready materials. They are green, although not in color - in environmental sensitivity because they are made of natural light-weight pine wood. No glue is needed, and there are no small parts that could be hazardous to younger children. Citiblocs encourage creativity and make for great family entertainment. Everyone can enjoy working with these educational blocks. They are instructive because they can be used to create just about anything, stimulating thought processes and using concepts from math, science, physics, design, and problem-solving skills. Teachers use them in the classroom as well


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