August 19, 2009


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Now she has a new one to add to her collection, Citiblocs

My oldest daughter loves to creat things using blocks so we have all kinds of them: Lincoln Logs, Legos, Tinker Toys, Mega Bloks, etc. Now she has a new one to add to her collection, Citiblocs.

With kits priced from $14.99 and up, kids can make a castle and then the kingdom. Knock it down for a scary creature or a big wooden blob. Kids need only imagination and gravity to build, stack and create their own fun. Best of all, the precision cut blocks of wood are green, crafted from New Zealand pine. The beautifully simplistic blocks are ideal for solo play or a family fun session with grandparents and siblings. Through play with the blocks, grownups can introduce kids to architecture, history, mathematics and science with memorable results.

We received the 52-piece Natural Wood Set to review and was very impressed with the quality of these blocks. It took Girlie Girl a little while to get used to balancing the pieces but once she realized that it’s all a matter of placement, she was off and running.

The great thing about Citiblocs is that they’re all natural. Not too many toys these days can say that. Citiblocs are not chemically treated, 100 % natural New Zealand Radiata Pine CPSIA, and ASTM Certified. Safe and environmentally responsible wooden blocks. Who would have thought?

Citiblocs are not only great for kids but I had a blast, too! Since I’m not as imaginative as my kids, I took a look at some of the examples they had on their website and decided on which one I’d like to try. Here are my results. Can you tell what it is?

So if you’re looking for fun for the entire family, check out Citiblocs! The 52-piece Natural Wood Set sells for $14.00 with larger sets also available. Happy building!

WIN IT! I have a set of Citiblocs to giveaway to one lucky winner. You may select from the 52-piece Natural Wood Set or the 54-piece Red/Blue Set.


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