December 15, 2009


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CitiBlocs raise the bar when it comes to quality and greenBusiness

There are always lists of the best products every year with Dr. Toy, Creative Child, and iParenting award programs, just to name a few. These award programs are great to use for your holiday season buying plans.

What makes our list so special?...

The Toy Man® Product Guide has the most in-depth and lengthy product evaluations in the

industry. Out of 546 products inducted, these products were selected by independent qualified industry experts, for inclusion in The Toy Man® Product Guide - "Best of 2009".

The "editor's favoriteTM", efTM notation provides me, as the chief editor of The Toy Man®

Product GuideTM, an opportunity to provide recognition of the products that are my own

favorites. My judgment is based primarily yet not entirely upon the following factors:

  • Functionality
  • Educational Value
  • Contribution to Skill Development
  • Marketability
  • Visual Appeal
  • FunFactorTM (If applicable)

The products that have received the "efTM" notation are products which I feel are an invaluable investment and/or provide a substantial contribution to positive skill growth and productivity.

Most important of all are the products which contribute to education. Education is the

foundation of success and has a long term impact in the lives of everyone. *


Induction Certificate Number: 74020090817-353

CitiBlocs raise the bar when it comes to quality and

greenBusinessTM. They are precision cut blocks of wood which

are 100% ChildSafeTM, green, crafted from renewable pine

forests in Vietnam and provide an outstanding skill development

medium. From pre-school to elementary school and even

architecture professionals, CitiBlocs are an ideal educational toy,

which is so simple in design yet is limited only by the


Participating in our eco-RecognitionTM Project to encourage greenBusinessTM


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