May 24, 2011


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Looking into the toy businesses’ Magic 8 Ball.  By Pamela Brill


Playthings  asked several leading toy manufacturers:


What are some of your predictions for your company and/or the industry in 2011?

cha.jpgWe predict stability an sound growth based on our steady availability of inventory, as well as the introduction of several new products that are logical expansion to the Citiblocs line. Our exposure to the school market,  thanks to our participation in the third annual Goddard Toy Test and our subsequent Top Five Toys Award, will hopefully enable us to penetrate the school market with significant marketing arguments and corresponding potential sales.

-          Marjorie Israel Chayette, Owner, Citiblocs


What are your product predictions for the year ahead? Do you foresee any particular hot items or general trends that will impact the industry?

We will continue to expand brand recognition with variations of colors and size, as well as offer new accessories that are specifically designed to accompany the sleek urban look of our product. This logical growth of figures, as well as 3D connectors made of new materials, should be popular in 2011

-          Marjorie Israel Chayette, Owner, Citiblocs

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