May 26, 2011


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Teachers & Parents Discover CitiBlocs’ Identical Shaped Blocks Ideal for Math, Science, Art & Social Studies Comprehension



Tampa, FL (May 12, 2011) – How cool would school be if the teacher handed out equal-sized wooden blocks to every student and said, “build and learn.” At first, tech savvy kids may look for the plugs, beeps or buttons. But they would quickly discover this lo-tech method to concoct 3-D structures is a real hands-on adventure


The concept of playing as learning is widely documented. Teachers, group leaders and parents are using award-winning versatile and educational CitiBlocs -- precision cut wooden planks -- to entice young minds to look at the world one block at a time! Now, a day in the classroom could include a social studies lesson constructing the lightly leaning Tower of Pisa. In science class kids could build a swirly DNA model and continue with a math lesson creating various geometric shapes before a final language arts class to describe and comment on the buildings



 “Children make their own personal discoveries and observations” explains CitiBlocs President Marjorie Israel Chayette, “when they use their own hands to manipulate shapes and forms… it’s the magical, critical moment when they master and own their learning.


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How is playing with same-sized building blocks, as opposed to a computer game or playing a board game, ideal fodder for preschool and elementary students? CitiBlocs’ creators could pull out a long list of benefits but in a nutshell, building anything with CitiBlocs:


• builds strength in little fingers and improves eye-hand coordination

• expands language skills as children articulate about size, shape, colors, comparisons

• allows youngsters to design imaginary things based on their own ideas

• develops social relationships with other children when sharing the blocks

• uncovers the laws of cause and effect, problem solving, classification, critical thinking



Based on CitiBlocs’ feedback from teachers who have used their products in the classroom, students will happily:


• learn and practice math skills by grouping, adding, subtracting, matching, sequencing

• experience hands-on science and physics concepts of gravity, balance, stability and weight

• understand mapping skills

• discover architecture, art, history and design

• observe attributes and properties of matter


As their website,, colorfully explains, there are no right or wrong ways to build with Citiblocs. The ability for toddlers to teens to explore and experiment are fundamental and inherent characteristics of block play. Even adults, including skeptical national toy award testers who have seen it all, count CitiBlocs among their addictive pleasures.


Youngsters may be surprised to see that an opened box of CitiBlocs contains planks that are exactly the same shape and size. Quickly they discover the pure joy of what happens when they are stacked vertically or at angles. Learning how to make something round from a rectangle is a learning moment they won’t forget.


To aid teachers with simple and advanced lesson plans in math, science and social studies, Citiblocs has developed a 30-page Educational Manual. Looking for a clever way to learn about the world’s great buildings – Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China, Pyramids? CitiBlocs outlines a lesson plan for Grades 1+ that explores building concepts, problem solving and group work. The lesson concludes with students building the replicas with their precision-cut planks


Learning happens all of the time which is why parents, grandparents, community leaders and even pediatricians’ waiting rooms should keep a box of CitiBlocs handy. Whether adults choose the basic 50-piece kit or the 100 or 200 colored piece sets, the only choice to make is the color -- natural wood or hot or cool color themes. Each 1" x 4 1/2" x 1/4" wooden CitiBlocs plank is made from high-quality sustainably grown pine. For more information on the entire CitiBlocs line, visit




With a kit to fit every playroom, parents, schools and youth leaders can choose one of many block boxes including the ambitious 1,000-piece wooden block set. CitiBlocs are available everywhere: online at,, specialty toy etailers, Toys “R” Us and other national chains. CitiBlocs are certified safe and made of New Zealand pine grown in certified, sustainable forests and precision-cut in a family-owned factory in China.


For more information and inspiration to budding builders, visit the website at


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