April 3, 2009


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The Green Generation’s Building Blocks To Dream, Design, Discover

Roswell, GA (April 3, 2009) -- There’s no doubt that kids are spending more and more time connected: social networking, IMing, playing toys that buzz, blink and need AA batteries. When is there time for kids to be kids? Remember when we used to daydream, invent, build and then knock it all down? One new toy company has found a way to transform today’s eKid into a kid off the ole’ block. Introducing CitiBlocs, the next generation of wooden construction pieces that stack up to a block party in the family room.

“From pre-school to elementary school to even architecture students, CitiBlocs are an ideal educational toy,” explains Marjorie Israel Chayette of CitiBlocs, who lives in Paris so combines European design with American ingenuity. “How many toys can you buy that offer reasoning, problem solving, cause and effect, engineering and improvising? These life skills are inherent in the building block experience.”

Indeed, there’s no right or wrong way to play with CitiBlocs. Observed by e-tailer GlammaToys.com, “the pleasure of accomplishment and success and discovery is inherent in CitiBloc construction for builders of all ages – kids build outside the box. It’s all connected to the joy of creating all the time. And it’s just plain building fun.”

With kits priced from $14.99 and up, kids can make a castle and then the kingdom. Knock it down for a scary creature or a big wooden blob. Kids need only imagination and gravity to build, stack and create their own fun. Best of all, the precision cut blocks of wood are green, crafted from New Zealand pine. The beautifully simplistic blocks are ideal for solo play or a family fun session with grandparents and siblings. Through play with the blocks, grownups can introduce kids to architecture, history, mathematics and science with memorable results.

“The quality and price of CitiBlocs has convinced me,” continues toy executive Chayette, “that this great concept can be available to everyone – and happily, affordable to anyone. Being familiar with the educational merits of this product, the opportunity for our young company to work with lots of children is really exciting. I hope to make these beautiful wooden blocks a fantastic building phenomenon across the U.S.”

Who can play with CitiBlocs? They’re designed for children ages 3+. Teachers, camp leaders, scoutmasters and community centers enjoy the building block experience of manipulating, touching, cooperation and of course, discovering. Because CitiBlocs are manufactured in Vietnam, the pieces are not only high quality but are also affordable and so easy to use. The toughest decision may be which one of seven building sets to purchase – from the starter box to the ultimate experience. All sets come with a colorful building design guide.

52 Piece Wooden Building Set • $14.99
A basic starter set, these 52 precision cut blocks make this a perfect set for desktop fun or a before-dinner activity. The kit is small enough for traveling but plenty of blocks to build, knock down and build again.

54 Piece Red/Blue Wooden Building Set• $16.95
The perfect add on to CitiBloc’s larger natural colored blocks. These 27 red and 27 blue blocks are precision cut and of the highest quality with a safe and non-toxic water-based stain.
100 Piece Wooden Building Set • $27.50
If the beginner set just isn’t enough, consider this introductory set of 100 high quality blocks made from New Zealand pine. Each precision cut building piece can be transformed into a tower, an animal, a widget, a masterpiece!

200 Piece Wooden Building Set• $49.95
CitiBloc’s most popular kit, this 200 piece set is ideal for aspiring architects and engineers. Build a whole city or the highest tower.

300 Piece Wooden Building Set• $79.99
Want more? This 300 piece building set is perfect for the advanced builder or for siblings to share and construct. The precision cut pieces allow the imagination to go as high as you can reach.
500 Piece Wooden Building Set • $165
Let the block party begin with this 500 piece family set. Young and young-at-heart will love designing, dreaming and then knocking down whatever stacks up.

1000 Piece Wooden Building Set • $229.99
Some like it big and with 800 pieces, this block party will stretch into several rooms! If you build it, they will come! The ultimate building experience, this mega kit of 1000 pieces is for schools, scouts, camps and other large group settings. Imagine the rainy day fun kids will create with this kit! Teachers and camp counselors will adore the hours of possibilities and be dazzled by their creative kids.







Currently CitiBlocs are available online at CitiBlocsStore.com and specialty toy etailers. In June, consumers can find CitiBlocs on toy shelves at Toys R Us and other national chains. For more information, visit their website at CitiBlocs.com.

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