June 23, 2009


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CitiBlocs Win a Dr. Toy Best Vacation Product for Summer Award

Roswell, GA (June 23, 2009)— When searching for products to keep children busy and entertained during the summer, look no further than a set of building blocks. So, it seems fitting that an eco-friendly, lightweight and affordable block set by CitiBlocs recently won a Dr. Toy Best Vacation Product for Summer 2009 Award.

Winners of the Best Vacation Products for Summer Award are carefully chosen using extensive criteria developed over many years by noted child development authority, Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D. (a.k.a. Dr. Toy).  Among the criteria used to determine winners are: safety, age-appropriateness, design, durability, lasting play value, creativity, good value for price and, naturally, fun. 

“Children learn best through play,” says Dr. Auerbach, author of Dr. Toy’s Smart Play-Smart Toys, “and these Best Products encourage children to maximize their potential and make the most of Smart Play. By making a renewed focus on summertime as a special time for choosing new products for children, parents improve their children’s development. This is a perfect time to ‘take stock’ and do an inventory of what your child is playing with, what is not used, and what they need next in their development.”

Award-winning 100 Piece Wooden Building Set from CitiBlocs:

CitiBlocs are the next generation of wooden construction pieces that stack up for a block party anytime and anywhere. An ideal educational toy offering reasoning, problem solving, cause and effect, engineering, and creativity.  These are life skills inherent in the building block experience. Kids need only imagination and gravity to build, stack and create their own fun. Best of all, the precision-cut blocks of wood are green and crafted from New Zealand pine. The beautifully simplistic blocks are ideal for solo play or a fun play session with grandparents and siblings. Through play with the blocks, grownups can introduce kids to architecture, history, mathematics and science with memorable results. CitiBlocs, which are manufactured in Vietnam, are high quality, affordable and easy to use. There are seven different building sets from the starter box to the ultimate experience. All seven sets come with a colorful building design guide. Each precision-cut building piece can be transformed into a tower, an animal, or a masterpiece! Ages 3+, 100 piece set $27.50.


All of the winners, including CitiBlocs’ 100 Piece Set, are featured on Dr. Toy’s website at www.drtoy.com.

About CitiBlocs
CitiBlocs are lightweight pine building blocks ideal for home, playgroups, teachers, principals, professors and parents. CitiBlocs are made of lightweight pine from New Zealand, and each block is precision cut in Vietnam.  The new company has sourced its high quality blocks carefully, so the sets are extremely affordable.

CitiBlocs are available in natural wood and in colors. Sets vary in size, from 52 pieces to 1,000 pieces. Visit www.citiblocs.com for more information.

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