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Citiblocs were a hit in our classrooms here at The Goddard School in Fishers, Indiana. The children were drawn to the bright colors instantly! The teachers enjoyed the cognitive learning that occurred when the children played with them. The children created houses, trains, big buildings and even invented a game like the adult game Jenga! Overall the Citiblocs taught the children to think outside the box! They fit our philosophy well, the children are able to explore and learn through play while playing with your product. Citiblocs come highly recommended by our teachers, children and even parents.

Laura Irvin, Director of Education, The Goddard School FishersII

Good morning, Ben. Thank you for sending us two boxes of Citiblocks and participating in the Toy Test. It was a great success at our school. We gave one box to each of our two Pre-Kindergarten classrooms. I just checked in with both sets of teachers and this is what I heard: “The kids love them!” The details…. The blocks are an enduring hit during learning center time. In one classroom, the children have taken to using the blocks to lay out elaborate roads and paths for all sorts of toy vehicles. In another, a couple of children have challenged themselves to build some of the constructions pictured in the directions. Other children have used the green and blue blocks to make a giant sea for toy fish to swim on. Such a simple set of blocks, put to so many creative uses! I am very glad to have them at my school. Thanks again for sending them to us. Sincerely,

Risa May, Owner The Goddard School Chantilly VA

Thank you for sending us the Citiblocs to use in the toy test. When we first put the Citiblocs out for the children to use they were very excited to explore and build with them. The children liked the colors and size of the blocks. Several children stated that they liked the fact that the blocks were all the same size and shape. The size is perfect for their hands which allowed them to build different items quickly and easily with no frustration. The children have been building different size towers and buildings, bridges, helicopters and even a boardwalk. The Citiblocs allow the children to really use their imagination and creativity. We have also observed the children building different structures with the Citiblocs to use with the dinosaurs, animals and people figures in the classroom.

Stephanie Charran, Education Director, The Goddard School Horsham

The Citiblocs appeal naturally to children because of their color! Playing with blocks helps children develop many important life skills, such as fine motor development, cognitive and emotional development. At Goddard we focus on “learning through play” and the Citiblocs provided children with complex block building activities. At the same time Citiblocs assisted children in learning needed math skills as they discover mathematical combinations and associate numerical value of block quantities. We recommend the Citiblocs for children ages 3 and older as our preschool through kindergarteners love them!

Hollie Waterman, Director of Education, The Centennial, CO Goddard School